Whether you’re in an approved sports betting jurisdiction or not, REACHTM sports programming is an ideal way to accomplish numerous objectives that can help your property. For example, now is the perfect time to consider our highly engaging and profitable $100,000 Playoff Rush pro football promo that netted a 300% ROI in 2019 in its launch season.

  • Proven to engage and drive property visits for both sports fans and non-enthusiasts – including your core slot players – in big numbers!
  • Starts at Thanksgiving and runs through the end of the season…when it’s at its most exciting!
  • Weekly gamified emails, pick ‘em of game winners and fantasy-style predictions
  • Fun and rewarding daily activities with optional onsite activation
  • $100,000 insured prop card feature included!

We also have other fan favorites – Million Dollar Pro Football Frenzy for full the regular season, the $100,000 Big Game Challenge for the Super Bowl and Million Dollar March Mania Challenge for the NCAA men’s college basketball program.

In addition to driving additional engagement and visits to your property, this program and our other sports configurations extend your market reach with a fun and engaging, cost-effective campaign. These promotions provide a clear competitive edge and serve as an ideal way to build your sports database for now or when sports betting is legalized in your state.

Coming in 2021, Run for the Riches Triple Crown campaign!