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REACH System™ Product Suite

Our REACH System Product Suite is designed to fit all of your customer engagement needs, regardless of the time of year or the size and location of your property.

As the name implies, REACH 365 keeps your players seamlessly engaged with your property and brand all year. This robust configuration works around the clock to keep players visiting your website and casino, and its full-service options give you the flexibility to create highly-customized incentives that drive customer loyalty and profitable visits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As a complete turnkey system, REACH 365 is easy to implement and completely optimized to your unique brand. The system can be configured to seamlessly integrate into your existing website and mobile app or hosted on a separate branded landing page.


  • The campaign is customized and private-labeled for your property.
  • Thanks to our patent-pending “Earn, Reward, Redeem” approach of continuous online engagement, all of our games and activities deliver a variety of ways to engage and drive profitable property visits, including virtual currency, drawing entries, and segmented instant rewards.
  • The system is configurable to work in conjunction with your existing operational structure, allowing players to activate and redeem rewards they have earned online at your property in the way that you prefer.
  • A special, free REACH 30™ campaign is used to officially launch REACH 365™ for your property ($18,500 value when purchased separately).
  • Other features include
    • 100+ games and educational activities
    • Leaderboards and trophies
    • Social media marketing
    • Seamless integration with your website and mobile app
    • Dedicated content, development, and implementation team - We Design. You Approve. We Deploy.

REACH 30 is a four- to six-week promotion that is easy on your budget with a short-term commitment. It’s designed to greatly enhance one of your current promotional programs, or you can choose one of our 2018 turnkey solutions as a new stand-alone campaign with themes commonly utilized by casinos, such as sports, major holidays, and more. These fully-integrated, gamified, on-line-to-on-floor campaigns have been proven to generate profitable property visits and incremental revenue.

REACH 30 is a turnkey system built with every component needed for a successful and profitable campaign—programming, content development, planning, implementation, and a branded landing page that we host.


  • Games and activities deliver virtual drawing entries and segmented instant rewards that generate continuous online engagement.
  • The system can be integrated with kiosks or be manually processed, driving profitable property visits.
  • Multipliers, bonus codes and other segmented rewards can be added to drive incremental profitable visits as the player is required to redeem them at your property.
  • Various games and activities can be rotated online to keep players connected to your property 24/7 in a fun, engaging way.
  • REACH 365™ and REACH 30™ campaigns include the following games that both educate and entertain:
    • Three-Card Monte
    • Word Search
    • Trivia
    • Wheel Spin
    • Photo Recall
    • And more! (new games added regularly)


Our comprehensive line of promotions is some of the most fun and engaging we’ve ever created. From sports to holidays, our themed turnkey promotions work fantastic as a standalone campaign or you can use them to boost one of your existing promotions. These comprehensive packages are also a great way to super-charge our REACH 365 system and provide an extra engagement boost.

The Million Dollar March Mania Challenge

This exciting sports-themed promotion cashes in on all the frenzied excitement of college basketball’s annual extravaganza of championship hoops action. The Million Dollar March Mania Challenge features our unique “Bracket Busters” 64-team pick ’em module that lets players put their college basketball IQ to the test for lucrative rewards—including the opportunity to win $1,000,000 for picking a perfect bracket—that drive multiple incremental visits. It’s just one of nine thrilling games and activities, including the fun-to-play “Hot Shots” online basketball game, that are sure to be a slam dunk with players.

Pro Football Pick ’Em Frenzy

Everyone loves the opportunity to get swept up in pro football fever and demonstrate their proficiency at choosing winning teams each week over the course of the regular season. With 17 straight weeks of excitement already built in, the player with the most correct picks each week wins a prize of your choosing and additional games and activities can be utilized online to keep players connected to your property 24/7 in a fun, engaging way. Players can make their selections at home, activate their accounts at your property, and then with multipliers, bonus codes and other segmented rewards added, you’ll be driving into the red zone of incremental profitable casino visits as players are required to redeem them at your property. TOUCHDOWN!

Viva Las Vegas

Players will be captivated by the nostalgia, star-studded celebrities, colorful figures and fascinating facts about fabulous Las Vegas as they explore the dazzling history of the world’s entertainment and gaming capital. With classic footage of the Rat Pack and Elvis, along with ten fun and entertaining Vegas-themed games and activities, this is one surefire promotion players can’t refuse. Just tell them, “Bugsy sent me!”

Beach Bash for Ca$h

Surf’s Up! It’s time to soak up some rays and chill out with up to ten exciting and fun-to-play beach-themed games and activities. Beach Bash for Ca$h features a treasure-trove of rewards and incentives that make this hot promotion the perfect “summer anytime” escape that players crave.

Fiesta Fridays

Players will shout “Olé!” as they vie for valuable awards and incentives themed around fun south of the border games and activities. This sizzling promotion is a great way to kick off the weekend while adding some spice to the bottom line.

Winner Wonderland

Profits don’t have to cool off during the usually slow winter months thanks to this captivating winter-themed promotion. It’s filled with wonderful and entertaining opportunities for players to win a cornucopia of rewards and incentives, making Winner Wonderland a very merry way to increase customer spend and visitation.

Red Envelope Riches

This rewarding Asian-themed promotion makes the Chinese New Year a highlight of any casino’s annual promotional calendar. The exclusive “Red Envelope Drawing” evokes time-honored gift-giving customs with the promise of prosperity for both players and casino operators alike.

Sensational Stars & Stripes

With patriotic games, interesting facts and an array of entertaining all-American activities, this red, white and blue digital promotion is the perfect complement to a variety of national holidays, such as the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Labor Day, Flag Day and many others.

One of the biggest challenges any casino operation faces is how to reactivate dormant clients in a way that produces quantifiable results at a fraction of the cost of direct mail and other traditional marketing programs. Thanks to REACH React™, that daunting problem has been solved. We create a customized program for your property specifically designed and proven to do one thing—bring dead players back to life, regardless of how long they’ve been inactive.

Using our patent-pending “Earn, Reward, Redeem” approach of continuous online engagement, we turn these lapsed players into brand ambassadors who spend incremental dollars at your property on an ongoing basis. Our segmented rewards system is proven to produce a financial uplift to your bottom line. REACH React™ routinely increases their lifetime value with not just one but repeated visits and spending. It’s the newest way to accomplish one of the key business goals of virtually every casino.


  • Brings dormant customers back to your property with segmented instant rewards.
  • Proven results with players who had been inactive for as long as nine months.

As part of an overall engagement strategy, sometimes you need to give your customer base a little one-off “nudge.” Maybe you have a special promotion coming, a concert that needs a boost in ticket sales, a great deal at your most popular restaurant, or you just want to increase online-to-on-property conversion quickly during slow times. Regardless of your need, REACH One™ is the perfect method to deliver that nudge.

From banner ads to e-mails to social media, REACH One™ seamlessly embeds into all your outbound digital marketing efforts and provides an instant lift to their efficiency in driving additional casino visits. And because REACH One™ contains a single game or activity, it can be spun up quickly for fast deployment and is affordable enough to use as often as you want. One is not the loneliest number!


  • Highly targeted one-off campaign to boost traffic during slow seasons.
  • Fast and cost-efficient solution for any sized property in any location.

What if there was a way for you to instantly engage and reward first-time customers just for coming in, appease disgruntled guests, or encourage them to join your players club—in a way that brings the club to them? REACH Touch™ can provide new opportunities to turn everyday, challenging gripes into exciting, cherished games with the simple push of a button.

Using a tablet or smartphone and your Wi-Fi network, any designated frontline employee can access REACH Touch™ to reward customers simply by having them play one of our easy and fun games like Wheel Spin, Scratch Card, or Quick Pick. The possibilities for use are endless! Perhaps you would like concert goers to stay and play after the show, maybe you have someone getting cranky with the wait at the valet, or you could just want to say thank you to a large group celebrating at one of your restaurants. With REACH Touch™, the customer uses a tablet or smartphone to play a game, win an instant reward, and have it sent directly to them via e-mail or text. You control the rewards, who can access it, and all the other necessary parameters while we implement and measure the results. This system delivers it all in a single touch!


  • Easy to implement customer service tool accessible from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Turns brand new customers into brand ambassadors while they’re on property.