More Players, Visits, Revenue

The FUNdamentals of our system


The REACH system profitably and measurably drives revenues with our innovative reward delivery methods that generate incremental property visits.


Effective engagement of your players is achieved with our “edutaining” games and activities that modify customer behaviors while educating and entertaining them.


Active participation is the key. When a player invests their time in one of our activities, the psychological benefit and value of any reward is significantly increased and translates into high redemption at the property.


Utilizing our proprietary Segmented Reward and Redeem methods, we deliver new and returning players to the property with rewards commensurate to their level of gaming.


The REACH system serves as the linchpin for all of your digital and on property marketing initiatives. It’s the most advanced form of engaging connectivity.


REACH is proven to drive additional property visits and revenue. Third party data clearly illustrates that our system creates significantly more foot traffic at your property, and incremental profits to your bottom line.

The REACH system will help establish you as leader or extend your dominance in digital marketing. It is proven to significantly and measurably convert online traffic into revenue generating property visits in a measurable way.
Our comprehensive suite of products is designed to support and enhance all your digital and on-property initiatives and are easy to implement.

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