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A Fundamentally Different Way to Engage Your Customers

Studies now clearly show that the value of digital marketing increases every day and that a greater share of an “effective digital voice” can directly lead to a greater share of wallet. In fact, according new data from Magna Global, digital ad spending eclipsed television by $31 billion in 2017, had already blown by other forms of traditional media (print, radio, direct mail, etc.) and this trend is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next decade. One of the key questions that dominate the digital landscape is how to use and measure digital engagement in a way that generates a significant financial return at the property level. We have that answer.

The Revenue Engagement Activation Conversion Hub…what the gaming industry has come to know and rely on as REACH™.

REACH is the patent-pending and award-winning system that uses proven digital gamification marketing strategies to significantly boost daily engagement, turning average customers into brand ambassadors that drive profitable casino visits across all segments and an incremental boost to bottom line profit – regardless of size and location! REACH is customizable, scalable and digitally agnostic. This allows it to seamlessly embed in your website and mobile app, boosting all your digital metrics from Facebook posts to online media spend. REACH is also feature-rich and designed to scientifically modify behavior using our patent-pending Customer Engagement Cycle.

Here's How It Works:


  • Customized and private-labeled for your property.
  • Thanks to our patent-pending “Earn, Reward, Redeem” approach of continuous online engagement, all of our games and activities deliver a variety of ways to engage.
  • REACH is configurable to work in conjunction with your existing operational structure, allowing players to activate and redeem rewards they have earned online at your property in the way that you prefer.
  • Other features include:
    • 100+ Games & Educational Activities
    • Leaderboards & Trophies
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Seamless integration with your website and mobile app
    • PA dedicated content, development and implementation team - We Design. You Approve. We Deploy.

To learn more about the player's journey, including the Activation and Daily Engagement process, click on the button below to request a complete demonstration.