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Independent studies clearly show that digital engagement is mission-critical to your marketing mix. And, like all other marketing tools—from email and digital advertising to TV, radio & direct mail—continuous engagement produces the strongest results.

Strategically designed digital engagement campaigns drive more player connection, property visits and incremental revenue. IGA 2023 is the perfect time to enhance your digital footprint and ROI with our proprietary REACH engagement and nurturing platform… and SAVE BIG when you sign up by April 30th!

Target your active, re-engage your inactive and reverse your declining players with a wide variety of programs to choose from…you can’t lose!

The Big Sports Special – Save $15,000 with a FREE March Mania

Sign up for our Million Dollar Pro Football Frenzy w/ $100,000 Big Game Challenge and get our Million Dollar March Mania Challenge FOR FREE.

The IGA 4-PACK – Save up to $20,000 with a FREE Themed Campaign

Secure FOUR of our most-popular digital engagement campaigns, including any individually themed or sports campaigns.

Festivals of Fun and Games – Save up to $13,000 with an annual agreement

Our “Festival” continuous and extended engagement campaigns have daily fun games and activities, redeemable rewards, insured contests and MORE.

  • Festival of Games focuses on major sporting events throughout the year – from the NFL to MLB to the Triple Crown and The Masters. It’s perfect to help cultivate and educate your players about sports betting and, where legal, drive revenue.
  • Festival of Fun is designed for your entire database – active, inactive and decliners – with skill, arcade and “edutaining” style games and activities.

Managed Email Services – Save $7,500 with an annual agreement

Engaged Nation is the undisputed leader of managed email services in the Gaming space, with over 80 CASINO CLIENTS and over 100M annual SENDS. We are a Certified Salesforce Partner, have multiple levels of service that include data hygiene and collection, gamified mechanics and more.

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