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Digital engagement has never been more important. Engaged Nation’s award-winning REACH™ Platform generates innovative business advantages. Our proprietary platform and customized campaigns produce an interactive experience that establishes effective customer engagement. Our programs are proven to generate new customer acquisition, ongoing engagement, enhanced retention/loyalty and ultimately incremental revenue.

Isn’t it time you joined the EN digital revolution?

Award Winning

Science + Art + Customization = A Winning Program

The award winning REACH (Revenue/Engagement/Activation/Conversion/Hub) platform is the most advanced customizable gamified marketing platform available. It’s a multi-purpose platform that creates an emotional experience—similar to what you try to do at your property. Built by an operator for operators, REACH was designed to align with your business, needs and challenges as it continuously Converts online traffic into profitable property visits.

Our component-based platform combines gamified marketing, incentivization, artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. It is proven to generate meaningful, profitable results in a measurable way. Our interactive digital online to on-floor program is:

  1. Fully customized and built for your specific needs
  2. Easily imbeds unto your existing website, mobile app or on a micro site/landing page
  3. Runs for the duration of time-based programs

Customized Solutions Configured to Meet Your Needs


Request a demo, our team will help you build the
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Play, Reward & Redeem!

We engage new and existing customers with nearly 100 HTML5 Mobile friendly “earning activities and games—from edutaining quizzes and trivia to word search and memory match to arcade style games such as bejeweled and Plinko. Our games are configured for instant reveals to drive immediate property visits or as earning methods for continuous rewarding engagement.

Our “play, reward and redeem” program is simple for your players and profitable for your property as participants.

  • Play on line
  • Be rewarded for their participation
  • Redeem their segmented reward at your property

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