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The Situation

Next month we will be facing another daunting challenge – How do we re-engage customers and rebuild business?

In what will be a historical event, every "non-essential" business mandated to shut down will all relaunch on or near the same day. Imagine the deluge of marketing messages consumers will receive!

Based on our experience and learnings during this crisis period, we can help you break through the clutter, re-engage your customers and drive revenue.

Specifically, our interactive digital engagement program for two of our closed clients has been responsible for maintaining brand connection with more than 75% of their customers participating in our private branded program on one and a 73% increase in participation on the other. And, it retained players at an unprecedented rate of more than seven minutes of interaction per session.

As one of the few successful engagement programs operating during this period, we will use our expertise and proven system to significantly increase your ability to implement a successful grand reopening and or rebuilding of customer engagement and sales.

The Solution

We have designed a new “Welcome Back” marketing campaign to re-engage, re-activate and drive players back to your business during and after this challenging period.

The Welcome Back campaign can be launched at any time between now and when this crisis subsides, and business begins to return to "normal". This turnkey promotion can serve as the foundation of a "grand reopening" strategy and drive immediate brand connection—on an continuous basis during the critical period when consumers will be inundated with marketing messaging and>
This customized branded Welcome Back interactive promotion has two levels, and either can be linked and accessed from an existing data base, a mobile app, digital ads and all social media/marketing:

  1. An "engage – reward – activate" web portal
  2. Interactive click, play and reward email program